Pipeline renovation in Oslo - RSV factsheets provide navigation

Trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water pipes: The city of Oslo has done some research in Germany. Helpful: the RSV

This is what AI says about Trenchless Methods

We asked Artificial Intelligence (AI) to explain trenchless sewerage network rehabilitation. That‘s what it wrote.

Challenges for the industry in 2023: It will not get easier

Staff shortages, rising energy prices, lack of planning capacity and asbestos fibre cement pipes: the challenges facing

Water pipeline rehabilitation in Oslo – Support by RSV

Trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water pipes: The city of Oslo has done some research in Germany. Helpful: the RSV

RSV publishes first factsheet in English

With the RSV 12.1, the first factsheet in English is available for free download.

Trelleborg Group acquires I.S.T.

The Swedish group has announced the acquisition of I.S.T. at the end of the year. It is intended to expand Trelleborg's

Strong German rehabilitation industry presents itself in Helsinki

A large number of German companies are among the exhibitors at NO-DIG Helsinki - including 12 RSV companies.

RSV halt merger talks with GSTT

The association's meeting voted to break off the talks, but ensured that the proposed resolution was amended.

RSV is represented twice in NRW in September

The association will be represented in Essen and Saerbeck from September 20 to 23 and will be the on-site contact for

It doesn't work without plastics

In a statement the RSV board declares why the use of plastics in pipe renovation is essential.

The story behind a study on microplastics

”Sewage pipes cause Microplastics” - we got to the core of this story and discoverd astonishing facts.

Corroded pressure pipes: A case for trenchless rehabilitation

A 100 years old pressure pipe in a residential area, much traffic, old trees – a case for a trenchless renovation

Lecture on Pressure Pipes

Slides in English: The renovation of pressure pipes is topic at a lecture on the IFAT on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lecture on CIPP

Slides in English: At the IFAT we'll meet at the booth of Per Aarsleff A/S and discuss about latest findings of the RSV

Meet us at the IFAT

We invite you to discuss with us about interesting trenchless topics like BIM, asbestos pipes, CIPP and renovation of

Missions with deep purpose

With trenchless renovation, we do a job with a deeper purpuse. Learn more in our video.