english – Bursting procedure: Working group sets about updating

In a new edition of the bursting procedure working group, the RSV is revising the factsheet.

This has probably never happened before at the RSV: as soon as a working group has completed its work on the factsheet, it immediately starts working enthusiastically on the next topic. The reason for this is not only the meetings, which are always productive and atmospheric, but also the group's enthusiasm for trenchless methods with prefabricated plastic pipes.

Authors of the first edition back again

Following the latest TIP procedure update, the participants in Working Group 2.2 have come together to form the new Working Group 8 Burst Lining and can also count on those who launched the first factsheet almost ten years ago. New members of the RSV and other network operators are also part of the working group team.

From the beginning of 2024, they will start revising the previous RSV factsheet 8. Initial focal points were defined at the first hybrid meeting.

Protection of labour, sustainability, statics and more

The revision of the existing paper will focus primarily on further developments, application limits and application notes. Issues such as sustainability, protection of labour and construction site safety will be considered, as well as the important question of trenchless connections of connecting pipes. Static conditions and soil conditions will also be focussed on.

"We don't want to offer a copy"

RSV-Chairman Andreas Haacker makes it clear: "As the DWA offers an up-to-date set of rules and regulations in the form of worksheet DWA-A 143-15, the RSV does not want to create a copy, but rather offer additions and provide more detailed application notes. As with the other current factsheets, we want to bring greater dynamism into the description of trenchless technologies in this way," says Haacker.

Heiko Weber from Oppermann GmbH (photo below), who has been involved in the RSV working groups for many years, was elected chairman of the working group.

Picture above: Trenchless and fun - the RSV motto is literally written on the faces of these participants in working group 8. In the first part of the hybrid meeting, which took place at Karl Schöngen KG in Salzgitter, the update of factsheet 2.2 (TIP procedure) was adopted.

Picture below: Chairman Heiko Weber, Oppermann GmbH

RSV members in the working group

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