Question of the day: How durable are ‘inliner processes’?

Does it necessarily have to be a new pipe if the old one can be renovated from the inside? Above all, the useful life

"The mountain is almost impossible to climb"

Wastewater network operators are facing an unrivalled backlog of renovation work - both for pipes and manholes: This was

Court of Justice: EU standards must be free of charge

Landmark judgement by the European Court of Justice: Important European standards must not be locked behind a payment

RSV general meeting: Full house, great round

A new honorary member, new membership fee regulations and lively discussions. The general meeting was a well-rounded

RSV lowers fees for rehabilitation companies

A new membership fee schedule for new members applies with immediate effect. Medium-sized rehabilitation companies in

Successful detention: evaluation completes asbestos cement application

The last doubts about the completeness of the measurement results should now be dispelled: With a further analysis on

New profession - environmental technologist: questions and answers

With the renaming of the training occupation to “environmental technologist for pipeline networks and industrial

What about the IFA approval of the cured-in-place pipelining for asbestos cement pipes?

A frequently asked question. Here is the latest news and the solution for local authorities that urgently need to

RSV visits Norva24

The best views - at Norva24 Deutschland GmbH, that doesn't just mean the view from the office at Potsdamer Platz in

Pressure hose liner: RSV factsheet offers quality requirements for tenders

The RSV has defined the requirements for pressure hose liners in factsheet 1.2. This can be used for tenders.

Bursting procedure: Working group sets about updating

In a new edition of the bursting procedure working group, the RSV is revising the factsheet.

Schleswig-Holstein retains leak test obligation

The state parliament's environment committee has decided, thanks in part to the RSV's statement, that private property

Interview with a specialist lawyer: "There are persistent myths about asbestos in pipes"

In an interview with the RSV, specialist lawyer Victoria von Minnigerode dispels frequently quoted myths - from the

RSV factsheet 2.2: Latest changes

The working group on the TIP procedure has decided to change the title of the factsheet in the new edition (September

Sustainability? What we can do in specific terms

Sustainable action - this is also possible in sewer rehabilitation. But how? The RSV has obtained a clear picture of

"Specialist" becomes "environmental technologist"

New name, fresh training content: From the upcoming 2024 training year, "specialists" in environmental engineering

Useful life: turning away from stereotyped thinking

No more sweeping assumptions - instead, consider contemporary asset values: Two experts speak plainly.

RSV is now also on TikTok

With TikTok, RSV is now represented on all major social media platforms.

Start of trainees: Our companies get support

What can be done about the shortage of skilled workers? Train! Numerous member companies set a good example and help

New RSV video shows importance of the branch

What would happen if our industry did not exist? - We asked Kim, Shari, Kate, Jens, Willi and Melanie this question.