english – RSV general meeting: Full house, great round

A new honorary member, new membership fee regulations and lively discussions. The general meeting was a well-rounded event.

Moving close together was the motto in Oldenburg, the traditional date for the RSV members' meeting in the afternoon before the Rohrleitungsforum. With 45 people in the room and up to eleven members online, more people were welcomed than for a long time.

There were plenty of interesting topics to discuss: The current factsheets, political work and the status of the merger with GSTT provided plenty to talk about. Some members openly expressed their positions on the merger. "We need such information in order to finalise the talks and make decisions in the interests of the members," explained Benedikt Stentrup, member of the Board of Directors and involved in the merger task force. A joint meeting of the board members is planned for March to discuss the outstanding issues. In a spontaneous vote, the meeting voted in favour of putting the issue of the merger to a vote at an extraordinary meeting.

Honour for Torsten Schamer

For the first time in many years, the RSV has a new honorary member. Torsten Schamer, former Managing Director of Arkil Inpipe, received the certificate at the RSV's 2024 General Meeting. "Your commitment went far beyond an honorary position," explained Andreas Haacker, Chairman of the Association, in his laudatory speech. In particular, he recalled the time when Schamer made himself available again at the low point of the RSV's existence. With creativity and perseverance, he had taken up the burning issues of the industry and, together with the board, put the office on a new footing.

The business plan, the re-election of the auditors Michael Röling and Torsten Matussek and the discharge of the Executive Board were approved, as were the new membership fee regulations. It will apply to new members from 2024 and to current members from next year.

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