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Condition monitoring, automation, artificial intelligence - that's what the lightning visit of our new member Pallon in Hamburg was all about.

During a short stopover on the journey between Zurich and Rostock, Christian Koch from Pallon visited our office in Hamburg. In conversation with Managing Director Reinhild Haacker, the topics were digitalisation, condition recording and effective knowledge transfer.

Because: As RSV, we would like to bring the topic of inspection in the sewer even further into the association's work than we have done so far. After all, with the help of high-resolution cameras, drones and artificial intelligence, the condition of drains can now be recorded much more quickly and easily than just a few years ago.

And: In times of a shortage of skilled workers, the need for efficiency and the growing decrepitude of our infrastructure, good and fast condition assessment is an important building block for sewer renovation.

In the interview, Christian Koch also revealed that his Swiss start-up is now on an enormous growth path - with over 20 employees, but without a secretariat. "We have automated that so that we can put all our energy into the product," says Koch.

The assessment of the RSV's way of working, which not only does without paper but also without filing cabinets, roller containers and office doors, was corresponding: "Wow, you're working in a coworking space" - was Koch's somewhat surprised comment on the RSV's "office".

For all the modernity: if you're ever in Hamburg, a souvenir photo of the picturesque Speicherstadt is a must. The 120-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site is located directly in front of our office building.

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