english – Federation recommends RSV factsheet on sewer cleaning

The Federal Construction Guidelines refer to the RSV factsheet 12.1 regarding high-pressure cleaning of rehabilitated sewer grids.

Great honour for the RSV: In the appendix of the BfR Abwasser, the factsheet 12.1 on cleaning is recommended as a set of rules for the selection of flushing pressures at the nozzle outlet when rehabilitated or partially rehabilitated wastewater pipes are to be cleaned. It says there:

"For operational cleaning and cleaning in the run-up to visual inspection in already (partially) rehabilitated networks, the specification of permissible flushing pressures at the nozzle outlet is recommended [RSV leaflet 12.1] in order not to exceed the high-pressure flushing resistance (according to [DIN 19523], max. flushing jet power density) taken into account in the pipe/rehabilitation material suitability certificates by the cleaning technology (equipment configuration) actually used." (Translated with DeepL)

Click here to go to the BFR waste water high-pressure cleaning page.

The construction guidelines are prepared on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Housing Urban Development and Construction and the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The RSV cleaning factsheet was first published in 2019 and has received its first update in 2022. It is available for download in English and free of charge.

Click here for factsheet 12.1

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