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How do we attract more new recruits? The RSV "Jobbooster" project provides answers. It will be launched at an online meeting on June 22.

How can we attract school leavers, students or trained personnel from related professions to our industry? This is to be clarified in a joint project of the RSV. Learning from good examples, collecting ideas and developing joint information material - that's what the "Jobbooster" aims to do in a pragmatic and goal-oriented way.

Sewer rehabilitation offensive for professional schools

The occasion is also the upcoming reorganization of the environmental technology professions. For the first time, sewer renovation is expected to become an integral part of the inter-company training for environmental technologists from 2024. In order for trainees and vocational school teachers to learn about the prospects offered by sewer rehabiliattion, RSV companies will spend two days in mid-August at a sewer rehabiliattion offensive at the Gelsenkirchen Professional School to impart concentrated rehabilitation knowledge.

"Informing trainees about sewer renovation is now one of the most urgent tasks. But we should also use the opportunity now as RSV to drum up support for the industry and for our companies - among those who are currently looking for job prospects," says Denise Rottewert, employee at the RSV office and organizer of the "Jobbooster" project.

Join now!

Responsible persons of the member companies from the areas of recruitment or marketing are invited to participate in the project. The first online meeting will take place on June 22 from 9 to 10 a.m., with others to follow.

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