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With the renaming of the training occupation to “environmental technologist for pipeline networks and industrial plants”, more and more questions are being asked by trainees, trained specialists and training companies. The RSV has compiled a list of questions about training as an environmental technologist.

(The FAQ list is constantly being expanded and updated)

What does an environmental technologist for pipeline networks and industrial plants do?

To summarize: It ensures that the important underground pipeline infrastructure works.

As the name suggests, it involves a lot of technology. Remote-controlled cameras, milling robots, underground rehabilitation systems. But before we go into too much detail here, we have a tip:

Take a look at our training training page. We have put together a few interesting videos there.

When will the new job titles and training content apply?

The reorganization of the environmental engineering professions will come into force at the start of the new training year on August 1, 2024. It will apply to all apprenticeships starting then. Information about the changes can be found in our article Bund gibt Go für neuen Beruf.

What will change as a result of the reorganization of the training occupation of environmental technologist?

The reorganization of the training occupation of environmental technologist has resulted in these changes:

Job title

In future, the job title will be: Environmental technologist for...

  • for pipeline networks and industrial plants
  • for waste water management
  • for water supply
  • for recycling and waste management

(These are not official translations of the new job titles)

Training content

In the training curriculum for environmental technologists for pipeline networks and industrial plants, the content for sewer inspection and maintenance of pipeline networks has been significantly expanded. In the third year of training, the area of “pipeline network rehabilitation” will be increasingly included in the curriculum.

Final exam is extended

Another key point is the change in the type of examination. Previously, an intermediate examination was held after one and a half years of training, which had no effect on the final examination. Instead, in future there will be a “final examination part 1” after one year, which will be included in the final overall result. The now extended final examination gives trainers the opportunity to offer trainees more support.

An implementation aid is currently being developed to enable trainers in companies to implement the new teaching content.

I have already successfully completed my training as an RKI. Will my job title change in the future?

After consultation with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB – Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung), only those who have been trained in accordance with the new training regulations may officially call themselves environmental technologists.

A subsequent renaming does not take place.

The reason: not only the name has changed, but also the training content.

Can I 'switch' to environmental technologist during my training as an RKI specialist?

Da sich die gesamte Ausbildungsordnung geändert hat - insbesondere die Änderungen bei der Zwischenprüfung - ist das nicht möglichAs the entire training regulations have changed - in particular the changes to the intermediate examination - this is not possible.

How can I find an training position as an environmental technologist?

On our 'Job' page, we provide information about training positions at RSV member companies. (This page is still under construction)

Is there already a clever abbreviation for ‘environmental technologist for pipework networks and industrial plants?’

No - and officially they will certainly continue to exist in the future, because the environment, technology, pipework networks and industrial plants are all part of the job.

How about YOU helping to find a clever abbreviation? Write your suggestion in the comments field below ;-)

When will the implementation aid for employers be available?

The implementation guide is expected to be published by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) at the end of the first quarter of 2024. The RSV will inform members as soon as the implementation aid is available.

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