english – Now available: Factsheet on CIPP in English for free

It is our most downloaded leaflet in Germany – and now available in English language: The RSV leaflet 1.1 on CIPP, provisionally translated.

In November 2021 the RSV published the long awaited revision of the leaflet on CIPP lining. Since then it's the most succsessful document of our website. Network operators, engineers and contractors downloaded it nearly 4000 times already!

On the occasion of the upcoming fair Ro-Ka-Tech in Kassel (May 9 to 12) we now present the English version.

You can download it at the bottom of this page or at the publication site here. All RSV leaflets are available for free.

The authors of the factsheet are members of our working group 1.1 - consisting of representatives of contractors, engineering firms and pipe manufacturers.

Please correct us!

Pleas note: The translation has been done with the help of AI tools. And our glossary of technical vocabulary is still growing. Thus we would ask everyone who reads our leaflets as a native speaker or technical expert: Please correct us - for example by leaving a comment or sending an E-mail.

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