english – Orientation for GRP pipes: RSV working group launched

Camera on, short discussion and straight away "get down to business": The new RSV working group on GRP pipes got off to a productive start at the beginning of January.

Under the leadership of Susanne Leddig-Bahls (IQS Engineering) and Rene Thiele (Amiblu), representatives of manufacturers, materials testing institutes, network operators and engineering companies will describe the applicability of pipes made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastics over the next few months.

The development of a guide is planned, which is aimed at network operators, clients in the industrial sector and engineering companies. The central question is: Which standards are to be applied when inviting tenders for GRP pipes? As an aid to orientation for the use of the material, the existing standards are to be analyzed and commented on.

Other network operators are welcome

In addition to the members of the association, some network operators are already part of the circle in order to take into account the questions and requirements of the target group. They were not present at the constituent meeting for scheduling reasons. "We would be pleased if we can win over even more participants from the client side so that we are always represented from all sides at the meetings," is the request from Andreas Haacker, chairman of the RSV. A mix of online meetings and meetings in presence is planned.

By the way: In the future, all information on this topic will be available on our website at Verfahren (German). Here, users can select GRP pipes after choosing the material. Go directly to the page at www.rsv-de/gfk-rohre.

In the picture: The participants of the constituent meeting of the working group "Guideline GRP Pipes". From left, top: Wolf Schrader (TDC), Reinhild Haacker (RSV), Andreas Haacker (Siebert+Knipschild), center: JĂŒrgen Staratzke (Endoline Rohrsysteme), Steffen Wagner (igr), Rene Thiele (Amiblu), bottom: Susanne Leddig-Bahls (IQS Engineering), Wilfried Sieweke (FRP Prolining).

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