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Trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water pipes: The city of Oslo has done some research in Germany. Helpful: the RSV factsheets.

18 kilometres of drinking water pipes per year - this is the renovation target set by the city of Oslo. In the Norwegian capital, the network with a total of 1550 kilometres of drinking water pipes is getting on in years.

How to deal with bends? Be on the safe side cured-in-place pipe lining? How are folds to be assessed? Diego Blaese and Andreas Haacker from the testing institute Siebert + Knipschild GmbH gave answers to these questions during the visit of the delegation from the City of Oslo, Elisabeth Hovda and Caroline Holme. Also present was Tor Kristian Heggernes as a representative of the manufacturer IBG HydroTech GmbH.

Always helpful for reference: The RSV factsheets about pipe lining - also for drinking water networks. "There is so much to consider. It is important to establish trust in the systems - it is good to know that systems can withstand the requirements before we use them in our place," is the guests' summary.

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