english – Pressure hose liner: RSV factsheet offers quality requirements for tenders

The RSV has defined the requirements for pressure hose liners in factsheet 1.2. This can be used for tenders.

How do you tender for renovation measures - for example with cured-in-place pipes - on pressurised wastewater pipes? At initial view, this is not so easy, as a recent enquiry from an engineering firm to the RSV shows. This is because a gap in the standards means that it is not clear whether the rules and regulations associated with the VOB apply to both gravity and pressure pipes. "This is where the RSV factsheet 1.2 can help, in which we have made the reference to VOB/C and thus to DIN 18326 and even formulated concrete specifications," explains Dr Susanne Leddig-Bahls, Chairwoman of the RSV working group on pressure hose lining.

The standard in question is entitled "Renovation work on drainage sewers", but makes no explicit reference to its validity in pressurised pipes. "From our point of view, the standard should also apply to pressure pipes, as this is not excluded in the range of application," says Leddig-Bahls. "If you want to be on the safe side when tendering, you should also refer to the RSV factsheet."

The RSV factsheet from 2019 is available to download free of charge in German.

Image source: Diringer & Scheidel

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