english – Question of the day: Are Liners made of recycled material conceivable?

Is it possible to make new CIPP liners - at least partially - from recycled ones? This question reaches us from the Netherlands.

Our last "Question of the Day" on the disposal of liners received a lot of attention. A representative of a Dutch municipality read our article and asked: "Will it be possible in the future to use liners that are recyclable on the one hand and made entirely or partly from recycled material on the other? Are there companies in your industry association that are taking steps in this direction? Is research being carried out on this?

The answer from our experts:

From today's point of view, it is technically possible to return liners to their raw materials. Cracking methods can be used to produce resins again from the resin matrix. The glass is a mineral substance that does not decompose due to temperature influences and could be recovered. However, the effort involved is currently still enormous and recycling is not economically viable at present because of the energy required.
Worldwide, research is being conducted on the recycling of GRP, namely in wind turbines. This is an issue in Denmark in particular. If research yields new findings here, they can certainly be transferred to our market.

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