english – RSV accompanies construction sites with asbestos cement pipes in NRW

Low-emission process for repairing asbestos cement pipes - RSV supervised no less than two construction sites before Christmas in the town of Heiligenhaus in NRW with the help of TÜV Nord.

The aim is to have cured in place pipe lining recognized as a low-emission process in accordance with occupational safety and health regulations in Germany. Present (from left): Reinhild Haacker (RSV), Ardion Xhafa (Aarsleff pipe renovation), Christina KrĂŒger, (Aarsleff pipe renovation), Valentina Hajdukov (City Heiligenhaus), Daniel Korczinski (RSV, Engineering office ISAS), Torsten Berlin (Aarsleff pipe renovation), Matthias Borkenfeld (Engineering office TUTTAHS & MEYER), JĂŒrgen Zinnecker (Aarsleff pipe renovation). We will keep you informed about the results and the further procedure.

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