english – RSV lowers fees for rehabilitation companies

A new membership fee schedule for new members applies with immediate effect. Medium-sized rehabilitation companies in particular will benefit from significantly reduced annual fees.

The RSV adopted a new membership fee structure at the general meeting. "We are closing an important gap in the previous contribution structure and ensuring greater fairness and contribution stability," explains RSV Managing Director Reinhild Haacker. In future, contributions for rehabilitation companies and engineering firms will be categorised according to the number of employees. For manufacturers, the total turnover will count. "Manufacturers previously paid a flat-rate contribution for everyone - this is now changing.

New members will be accepted with the new regulations with immediate effect, while the old rates still apply to existing members.

According to the old membership fee regulations, a company with 15 employees would have had to pay an annual membership fee of 3000 euros - now it is only 1000 euros.

The RSV last adjusted its membership fee regulations five years ago.

Whether the new rules will actually result in income remaining as high as planned will become clear over the year. "Then we will have confirmation from all members that we have actually assessed them correctly," says Haacker. If the new regulations result in a funding gap, the contribution will be adjusted accordingly. "But above all, we hope to attract new members. Some are already ready to join."

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