english – Schleswig-Holstein retains leak test obligation

The state parliament's environment committee has decided, thanks in part to the RSV's statement, that private property owners will continue to be held accountable for the condition of their drains.

The environmental committee in Kiel's state parliament has spoken out in favour of retaining the leak test obligation for private property owners. The North wants to stay clean down below - in favour of drinking water quality and wastewater charges for everyone.

The FDP parliamentary group had requested that the obligation be completely abolished. The proposal was rejected by a majority of the CDU, Die GrĂŒnen and the SĂŒdschleswigsche WĂ€hlerverband.

The RSV took part in the consultation of the associations. The association not only spoke out in favour of the obligation, but also made specific proposals for citizen-friendly implementation. The members had already contacted the Ministry of the Environment at the beginning of the year. "It is important to us to make it clear that the availability of companies can be guaranteed at all times and that companies can plan safely - also in terms of jobs," explains Managing Director Reinhild Haacker.

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