english – "Specialist" becomes "environmental technologist"

New name, fresh training content: A new training regulation is planned for the environmental engineering professions. It is to apply from 2024.

It is a real breakthrough for greater attractiveness and visibility in the industry: the "pipe, sewer and industrial service specialist" has become the "environmental technologist for pipe networks and industrial plants" - also in the female form, of course.

Young people who are looking for an interesting and meaningful profession should find it easier to enter the industry with the new name. The definition of environment in the name makes it clear to them that their training is a sustainable service for the preservation of water, drinking/potable water, soil and water quality.

The name change is one of the key innovations affecting all four environmental engineering professions.

More time for specialist qualifications

The content of the training has also been adapted to take account of the increasingly specialized activities in the individual professions. In future, the core qualification will be reduced to one year of joint training in order to provide more time for the specialist qualification. In the current, still valid training regulations, trainees from all four professions attend school together for one and a half years.

Inspection and sewer renovation expanded

In the training curriculum for environmental technologists for pipeline networks and industrial plants, the content for sewer inspection and maintenance of pipeline networks has been significantly expanded. In the third year of training, the area of "pipeline network rehabilitation" is to be reinforced on the timetable.

Final exam is extended

Another key point is the change in the type of examination. Previously, an intermediate examination was held after one and a half years of training, which had no effect on the final examination. Instead, in future there will be a "final examination part 1" after one year, which will be included in the final overall result. The now extended final examination gives trainers the opportunity to offer trainees more support.

An implementation guide is currently being developed to enable trainers in companies to implement the new teaching content. This is to be made available to companies at the beginning of 2024.

Successful feat of strength

Reorganizing a training occupation is anything but easy. The decisive hurdles were overcome at a meeting in the summer. Behind the representatives of the associations - including the DWA, VDRK and RSV - lie four exhausting years of planning, discussion and development. The final go-ahead for the new training content is expected to be given by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) towards the end of the year. The step will not be finalized until the new training regulations are published.

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