english – Water pipeline rehabilitation in Oslo – Support by RSV

Trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water pipes: The city of Oslo has done some research in Germany. Helpful: the RSV factsheets.

18 kilometres drinking water pipelines per year - this is the renovation target set by the city of Oslo. In the Norwegian capital, the network with a total of 1550 kilometres of water pipelines is getting on in years. How to deal with bends? Playing it safe with CIPP lining? How are folds to be assessed?

Diego Blaese and Andreas Haacker from the testing institute Siebert + Knipschild GmbH gave answers to these questions during the visit of the delegation - Elisabeth Hovda and Caroline Holme. Also present was Tor Kristian Heggernes as a representative of the manufacturer IBG HydroTech GmbH. Always helpful for reference: the RSV factsheets on pipe lining - also for drinking water networks. "There is so much to consider. It's important to establish trust in the systems - it's good to know that systems can withstand the requirements before we use them in our place”, was the guests summary.

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